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We are incredibly proud of Team Sideline Cancer, who advanced all the way to the finals in this year’s TBT tournament. Read more about Sideline Cancer TBT.

This videos show just a few of the many events and activities that help us create awareness and raise money to fund a cure for Pancreatic Cancer. So far, we have raised $295,000 to support this effort!

This 14-minute video references Greg Griffith’s legacy of love and the creation of #ICAN Sideline Cancer Youth Initiative.

A review of the monumental events that were achieved through the #ICAN Sideline Cancer Youth Initiative in 2019.

You can help support pancreatic cancer research by purchasing a Sideline Cancer® T-shirt.

16000 T-Shirts Sold from 2012 – 2020

Proceeds go to fund research, awareness, and advocacy to take pancreatic cancer off the sideline and to the finish line for a cure!

Note: Due to COVID-19, we have had to alter how we produce and distribute our t-shirts. Our Sideline Cancer t-shirts are still available, however orders may be delayed 6 – 8 weeks for processing and delivery.


If you have a donation you would like to mail to us,
please make your check payable to

“Sideline Cancer”
and mail it to:
The Griffith Family Foundation
P.O. Box 28
Hollidaysburg, PA 16648


Sideline Cancer® started with a group of seniors
at the Hollidaysburg High School in 2012.

It originally started out as Tackle Cancer, which surrounded a football game night and T-shirt sale campaign. However, at the Penn State Altoona Pancreatic Symposium in 2012, the Griffith Family Foundation was introduced to Jack Andraka, who is the 2012 Intel Science and Engineering Fair Winner, Amateur Cancer Researcher, Education Activist, Medical Entrepreneur, and an Innovator. He suggested a new name that would reflect all school activities and participation.

for sharing, here’s the link to this video:

Sideline Cancer

The name Sideline Cancer® has been trademarked through the Griffith Family Foundation. Sideline Cancer® events can be hosted by any school, office, or company, with proceeds going to the Griffith Family Foundation and pancreatic research.


  • To FUND a cure for pancreatic cancer
  • To offer HOPE for those in need
  • To CONNECT patients, families and communities
  • To raise AWARENESS of the necessity for a new direction of innovative research and treatment plans


  • To continue the VISION inspired by Greg Griffith
  • To rise and “put on our pants” each day and take up the battle
  • To give back more in time, effort and funding that we take
  • To see a day when our children and grandchildren no longer need to fear a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer
  • We CAN achieve what we BELIEVE!


You can help Sideline Cancer®, too!

Sideline Cancer is on Tiltify, so you can fundraise on our behalf!

If you’re hosting a live stream (or participating in a live stream) and you can give us a shout-out, here are some things that you can say:

  • Sideline Cancer connects patients, families, and communities
  • Our goal is to raise awareness, to advocate, and to collect donations for pancreatic cancer research
  • So far, we have donated over $295,000 for Dr. A. James Moser at Harvard Medical School
  • Help us take pancreatic cancer off the sideline and to the finish line for a cure!
  • #ICAN and so can you!
  • Text “#ICAN” to 44-321 to give
  • Go to to donate, to learn more, and to get involved!

Official Sideline Cancer® Logos:

Additional info about Sideline Cancer®:

Other ways to get involved:

There are several ways you can participate:

  • Volunteer to help with Sideline Cancer® events that are currently being planned
  • Share this information with friends/businesses who you think may be interested
  • Make a donation or become a sponsor

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