May 30, 2012

15-Year-Old Who Invented Pancreatic Cancer Test Attending 3rd Annual Run and Gun

Jack Andraka recently won $75,000 for the first place prize in this years Intel Science Competition (which he plans to put toward college). His entry was even more impressive than this might suggest, however, and is something that researchers and pharmaceutical companies have been working toward developing for years.

Jack, at only 15, has invented an early-detection test for pancreatic cancer that is 90% accurate. It’s also 168 times faster, 400 times more sensitive, and 26000 times less expensive than current tests.

Cathy Griffith recently spoke with Jack’s mother and has put him in contact with Dr. Moser. The Andraka’s recently confirmed that they will be attending this year’s Run and Gun! This is very exciting news, and we look forward to getting to meet this dedicated and brilliant young man!