October 11, 2011

A Message From Cathy Griffith

Our mission is to one day see a world without pancreatic cancer. And for that matter, to see cancer of all types completely eliminated from our world!

How do we go about doing that? The answer is simple: by giving it to God and asking His Spirit to guide us as instruments to help “FUND a cure!” What makes us unique from other cancer research foundations is that our mission is driven by the Holy Spirit. With God in control, we believe that we will see a cure for pancreatic cancer.

We believe that God will work through the efforts of Dr. A. James Moser, his research team, and the members and supporters of this foundation to make advancements in pancreatic cancer research. We pray that eventually this terrible disease will be cured.

We want this foundation, and this website in particular, to aid those who have this disease and their families, by helping them to find the fellowship of those in similar situations and information about how to fight this disease spiritually, medically, psychologically, and holistically.

Please keep in mind how much awaits us all “upstream,”  and, that one day, we will see the Promised Land, where cancer is taken down and destroyed at its very roots.

By the stripes of Jesus we all are healed.


Cathy Griffith