February 9, 2024

Central and Penns Valley HS Girls Play an Inaugural Sideline Cancer Game, Central Wins and $3,150 is Raised to Support Pancreatic Cancer!

On a crisp February evening, the gymnasium at Central High School in Martinsburg Pennsylvania,  buzzed with anticipation. It wasn’t just any ordinary basketball game; it was a special occasion that brought together two communities for a cause close to their hearts. The inaugural Sideline Cancer Game was about to unfold, thanks to the initiative of Krystal Fries, who had reached out to Sideline Cancer just after Christmas break with a proposal to host the event.

The idea quickly gained traction, and just a month later, the gym was packed with supporters from both Central and Penns Valley High Schools. The atmosphere crackled with energy as everyone gathered not just to witness a game of basketball but to contribute to a larger cause – raising funds to support pancreatic cancer advocacy efforts led by Cathy Griffith, the President of Sideline Cancer.

As the players took to the court, it was evident that this game meant more than just points on the scoreboard. It was a testament to the power of community coming together in solidarity against a common enemy. The Central Girls, fueled by determination and a sense of purpose, squared off against their opponents from Penns Valley in a fierce battle.

In the end, it was Central who emerged victorious, clinching a hard-fought 38-33 win. The game itself was a defensive showdown, with every possession fiercely contested. Senior Megan Diehl led the charge for Central, her leadership on full display as she guided her teammates to victory. The post-game celebrations were filled with jubilation as the team gathered for the “I Can Cup Celebration,” a moment of triumph and unity.

But the victory on the court was only part of the story. Sideline Cancer also unveiled a new addition to the event – a vibrant backdrop that added a touch of fun and excitement. The backdrop quickly became a hit, with players and spectators alike taking the opportunity to capture memories and show their support for the cause.

Behind the scenes, the success of the event wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication of individuals like Michelle Ann, who generously provided photography services for the evening. Their contributions, along with those of countless others, helped to make the Sideline Cancer Game a resounding success, both on and off the court.

As the final buzzer sounded and the crowd began to disperse, the sense of accomplishment lingered in the air. Central and Penns Valley may have been rivals on the basketball court, but on this night, they stood united in their fight against cancer. And with $3,150 raised to support pancreatic cancer advocacy, their efforts were a testament to the power of community and compassion.

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