August 5, 2011

Dr. Moser Headed to Harvard Medical School

The foundation is incredibly excited to announce that Dr. A. James Moser is headed to Harvard University, where he plans to lead a group of top pancreatic cancer experts whose focus will be to cure pancreatic cancer once and for all!

Cathy Griffith made the following post on her CarePages account yesterday:

“‘Wow, wow, wow’ were the last words spoken by Steve Jobs on his death bed from pancreatic cancer. He said these words as he starred at his bedroom ceiling seeing what I KNOW was heaven. Many of you saw the 60 minutes interview and Jobs said he was 50/50 about the existence of God. Well, when I saw these were Jobs’ last words I knew that he was seeing heaven, because Greg starred at the ceiling in awe also before his death. I look at this story as David and Goliath, here we have a billionaire who NEVER spoke of his pancreatic cancer and Greg Griffith who crusaded for the cause relentlessly and openly!!

GOT AWESOME NEWS to share with you all! I just got off the phone with Dr. Moser and he has officially announced that he is taking the lead position at Harvard Medical School with the intent of forming a pancreatic dream team to find a cure for this monster called Pancreatic Cancer! The awesome news is that he is taking the Greg and Cathy Griffith Family Foundation with him to Harvard and through this foundation he hopes to FUND a CURE!!! He will continue seeing patients in Pittsburgh till March and then he and his family plan to move to Boston. He and I said this is ALL Holy Spirit led and with Greg beside Jesus now we Will one day see a world free of pancreatic cancer!!!! Jordan, Jamie and I are soo excited because we have seen with our eyes what good and beauty can come out of the ugly when we give it to God! Alot awaits us all upstream!

I would like all of you to now follow this continued journey for a cure on Dr. Moser hopes this foundation can unite all pancreatic fundraising into one coalition like the Susan G Komen foundation for breast cancer! Many of you are patients of Dr. Mosers on this carepage have done fundraising on your own for pancreatic cancer now Dr. Moser offers you all a place to unite, fundraise, and share in the hardship of the journey….. NO MORE suffering in silence! Dr. Moser plans to bring his family to Hollidaysburg each summer for the Run and Gun. Mark your calendars the next event will be July 27th and 28th. Our foundation website and social media planning was done through the courtesy of Chris Kanski and Matt and Greg Paonessa of JMG SYSTEMS!!!

On another awesome note Congrats to my nephews Mike and Danny Yankovich of Don Bosco Prep high school football team who defeated Bergen Catholic at Metlife stadium in New Jersey for the State championship on friday night I loved being there and then spent Saturday at Times Square and saw the broadway play Jersey Boys!Jordan graduates from PSU on Dec.17TH with a B.S. in education majoring in social studies and a minor in special ed. Jamie is doing well also he is a junior at PSU in Hotel Restaraunt Management. I am soo proud of the boys they put there pants on as Greg would say and are getting the job done. I would lie if I said it has been easy but we keep persevering through it ALL!I want to share a Godwink with you today. Around 430 pm today Penny Orr brought me 4 candy canes and reminded me that this candy represents the stripes of Jesus,then at 440 I got the call from Dr. Moser! It made me think faith does not get you around things in this broken world it gets you THROUGH them!Join us now on the foundation website and follow the God driven journey for a cure at Harvard!!!!! By the Stripes of Jesus WE ALL ARE healed!

Love Cath”

We would like to thanks all of you for your past support and desire to see pancreatic cancer cured. We look forward with anticipation to how God is going to use The Greg and Cathy Griffith Family Foundation in the future. We know that God has so much awaiting all of us!

Please share this exciting news with family and friends! God bless!