Fund a Cure to Sideline Pancreatic Cancer Night

In the fight to Sideline Pancreatic Cancer, we swing for the fences!

Every year, the Griffith Family Foundation teams up with the families from The Good Funeral Home and Alto-Reste Park to host “Fund a Cure to Sideline Pancreatic Cancer” Night at the Altoona Curve.

This annual event is in honor of Greg Griffith’s life and legacy of love and highlights two very important things: bringing families together and raising money for pancreatic cancer research.

Pancreatic cancer has passed breast cancer as a leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States. It’s a devastating disease. Those diagnosed with pancreatic cancer need our support.

The message of the Griffith Family Foundation is Believe Always. There is hope. The Foundation along with our local community are actively involved in supporting the research of Dr. James Moser and his team at the Harvard Cancer Center. These researchers are making amazing progress at eliminating this disease.

Since a cure has not been found yet, we need to continue raising awareness and funds to support pancreatic cancer research. At “Fund a Cure to Sideline Pancreatic Cancer” Night, we also host an excellent silent auction to help raise these vitally important funds.

Each year, we collect an amazing list of phenomenal sports items for people to bid on. The money we raise then goes to support research efforts and to offer hope to families needing support.

In addition to participating in the joint effort to raise funds and awareness, there’s an even deeper connection between the Griffith Family Foundation and The Good Funeral Home.

When Greg passed away from pancreatic cancer, The Good Funeral Home was right there to take care of the Griffith family.

“I am very blessed to have had a husband who was a forward thinker. Even before he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, he had made pre-arrangements for his funeral and burial. But he did that because he cared about his family. He didn’t want me to have to struggle through making those decisions by myself. So he took care of it ahead of time, and when he did eventually pass away, my family and I were able to focus on spending time with each other.”
– Cathy Griffith

This is why the Griffith Family Foundation, The Good Funeral Home, and Alto-Reste Park work hard to promote family-centered events like “Fund a Cure to Sideline Pancreatic Cancer” Night. Our collective goal is to share with our community that same love and knowledge that Greg had.


Representatives from Alto-Reste Park and the Good Funeral Home stand along side with us at the game to answer questions for those who want to know more about taking care of their family like Greg did when he made pre-arrangements.

But mainly, we want people to come to the game to create good memories with their family and friends!

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