February 29, 2012

Kiera Chirdon, 11-Year-Old Living Courageously with Cancer

Greg Griffith and Kiera Chirdon’s paths were intertwined, and they seem to have been put on this earth for the same purpose.

They both were diagnosed with stage four cancer in the winter of 2010, attended Father William Kiel’s healing services together in Indiana PA, and share the same confidence that the Lord can and does heal.

The Lord placed them both on an amazing journey, and they have touched thousands of lives for Christ. Kiera and Greg’s message to us is that it will be okay no matter what happens, because God is in control!  They have put their trust in God and have carried their crosses, showing us the power of faith!

This wonderful article about Kiera talks about her faith, at such a young age, in the face of tremendous adversity.