Purple Puck Night

Teaming Up to Connect Patients, Families, and Communities to Sideline Cancer!

For two consecutive years, members of the Penn State Altoona Men’s Hockey Team have teamed up with the Mario Lemieux Foundation and the Griffith Family Foundation for Purple Puck Night™ at Galactic Ice in Altoona PA to honor patients and families who have been affected by Cancer. In 2019, we added Easter for Eli to our hat trick of partners!


Our Purple Puck Family hopes that in the future this collaborative effort to Sideline Cancer will be given the opportunity to spread awareness for All Cancer through Purple Puck Night at the PSU Pegula Ice Arena in State College!

Why Purple Puck Night™ Matters

Pancreatic cancer has passed breast cancer as one of the leading causes of cancer deaths in the United States. It’s a devastating disease. Those diagnosed with pancreatic cancer need our support.

In addition to raising money for pancreatic cancer research, this annual event also highlights Greg Griffith’s life and legacy of love by instilling an “#ICAN” attitude and encouraging a #BelieveAlways spirit in both the players and fans.

We are incredibly grateful to Coach Tom Lantz and the Penn State Altoona Men’s Ice Hockey Team who have graciously hosted this event and provided much of the behind the scenes support to make it happen.

Since a cure has not been found yet, we need to continue raising awareness and funds to support pancreatic cancer research.

At “Purple Puck Night”, we sell t-shirts, hold a slient auction, and collect donations to help raise these vitally important funds.

The money we raise then goes to support advocacy and raising even greater awareness through events like the upcoming #ICAN Sideline Pancreatic Cancer Student Forum, which will be hosted by Sideline Cancer at Penn State.

Dr. Adair James Adair, who will be a key participant in this upcoming forum, is a Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and the Invent Penn State 2018 “Inventor of the Year.” He is also the Sideline Cancer at Penn State club advisor.

Through all of these collaborative events and partnerships, we hope to take Pancreatic Cancer off the sidelines and to the finish line for cure!

Watch these news stories from WTAJ and WTAM to learn more about Purple Puck Night™!

The greater significance of Purple Puck Night™

In addition to participating in the joint effort to raise funds and awareness, there’s an even deeper connection between the Griffith Family Foundation and Penn State Community.

Greg Griffith was an adjunct instructor at Penn State. He loved the students whom he taught and the fellow faculty with whom he worked.

Shortly before Greg passed away from pancreatic cancer, he asked that his wife and sons wear Penn State polos for one of the last family portraits they would take.

This is why the Griffith Family Foundation and the Penn State communtiy work hard to promote family-centered events like “Purple Puck Night”. Our collective goal is to share with the greater community that same love for family, friends, and sports that Greg had.

Members from Penn State Ice Hockey Team come alongside us at the game to help move a cure for Pancreatic Cancer off the sidelines and to the finish line. And by taking action through this venue, it allows people to also create good memories with their family and friends!

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