January 5, 2024

Sideline Cancer Shoots Hoops of Hope, Raises $3,400 for Kristy Guillarmod at Forest Hills

In a heartwarming display of unity and compassion, Sideline Cancer recently organized a Bigger Than Basketball Girls and Boys Double Header at Forest Hills High School. The small town of Sidman, PA came together in a remarkable show of support, raising an impressive $3,400 for their beloved community member, Kristy Guillarmod, who is courageously battling Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

The level of play on the court was nothing short of extraordinary, with all four teams entering the game with a combined total of only five losses. Hollidaysburg Girls and Boys emerged victorious in both games, celebrating their success by triumphantly chugging from the coveted I Can Cup.

However, the true stars of the night were a group of spirited elementary students from Forest Hills. Displaying an incredible sense of initiative and compassion, these young souls took it upon themselves to raise $800 by collecting donations from the enthusiastic crowd. Their efforts went beyond the conventional, as they also engaged in face painting, turning the event into a colorful spectacle of support for Kristy Guillarmod.

Looking towards the future, Sideline Cancer aspires to amplify their impact by establishing a heated rivalry game between Forest Hills and another school in the area, be it Richland or McCort. This ambitious goal aims to not only foster a sense of healthy competition but also to continue channeling the community’s passion into supporting those battling cancer. With each passing year, the Sidman community is proving that they are more than just spectators; they are active participants in the fight against cancer, transforming every basketball game into a beacon of hope and solidarity.

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