August 26, 2014

Sideline Cancer Site Launch

We are extremely excited to announce the brand new Sideline Cancer® website. The concept started with a group of seniors at the Hollidaysburg High School in 2012. It started out as Tackle Cancer, which surrounded a football game night and T-shirt sale campaign. At the Penn State Pancreatic Symposium in 2012, the Griffith Family Foundation was introduced to Jack Andraka, who is the 2012 Intel Science and Engineering Fair Winner, Amateur Cancer Researcher, Education Activist, Medical Entrepreneur, and an Innovator. He suggested a name that would reflect all school activities and participation. The name Sideline Cancer® was then birthed due to his suggestion and a collaborative effort from the Griffith Family Foundation and students.

The name Sideline Cancer® has been trademarked through the Griffith Family Foundation. Sideline Cancer® events can be hosted by any school, office, or company, with all proceeds going to the Griffith Family Foundation and pancreatic research.

If you are interested in hosting a Sideline Cancer® campaign, please contact Cathy Griffith at [email protected]

Together WE CAN #SidelineCancer®