September 12, 2014

The 5th Annual Run-n-Gun For a Cure Event

$35,517.83 Raised!!  We want to thank Dr. A. James Moser and the AFFPC board members for attending the 5th annual Griff’s Run & Gun weekend. Cathy presented the AFFPC with a $60,000 check to fund Dr. Moser’s pancreatic AFFPC research. Info regarding Dr. Moser’s research was distributed to the audience. Info regarding his research can be found at


The three day event included a full weekend of exciting activities and exciting progress towards our goal to Sideline Cancer® The weekend included a Dinner & Auction, basketball tournament, and a golf tournament.

Pancreatic CancerThe highlight of our evening was that Jack Andraka and Kiera Chirdon were able to attend our dinner event. Jack is the 2012 Intel Science and Engineering Fair winner for his early detection test of pancreatic cancer. Kiera is a cancer survivor of stage IV epitheloid sarcoma and is a cancer advocate promoting faith, hope and love world wide. Together Jack and Kiera Can Sideline Pancreatic cancer.


During the Friday night dinner, Julie Weiss, marathon goddess, spoke about losing her father to Julie_Weiss
pancreatic cancer.  She decided to run 52 marathons in 52 weeks to raise awareness of the disease.  “Pancreatic cancer is my only competition out there and I intend to beat it.  As I learned more about pancreatic cancer, I had to do something more to raise awareness, raise hope, and raise money for this severely underfunded disease.” #wegotthis

Kerry_IrvineIn addition, Kerry Irvine, Event Speaker & UK Pancreatic Advocate, also spoke at the dinner.  As a result of losing her husband, she has become a “power house” in raising awareness and funds for the cause.  She was named 2014 “mum of the year” in the UK.  #dosomething

During our three day weekend event, we hosted a 3 on 3 basketball tournament on Saturday and ended with a golf tournament on

griffith_basketball Sunday.

The basketball tournament was held at the Hollidaysburg YMCA and we concluded at the Sinking Valley Country Club for our golf tournament.


sideline_cancer_golfThe golf tournament allowed the weekend to come to a wonderful close with great weather and 88 golfers enjoying the beautiful day and supporting a great cause.

What a great way to end a three day weekend! Jake Ergler walked away as the proud winner of the “Hole-In-One New Car Jake_erglerGiveaway” from Stuckey Ford Subaru.