January 23, 2018

The Griffith Family Foundation’s Sideline Cancer 2017 Highlights!

Griffith Family Foundation & Sideline Cancer Highlights
A few of the big events that happened throughout 2017

Griff’s 8th Annual Sideline PC Dinner

  • At our 8th Annual Sideline PC Dinner, we raised a net profit of $32,776.74!
  • Several familiar faces, including Dr. Moser and Erin Willett, returned to make this year one of the most memorable dinners yet!

  • A special “Thank you!” to our signature sponsor The Patt Family, and to everyone who has generously supported our cause.

  • Congrats to this year’s award winners: John Hatch, Caitlyn Edgell, and Natalie Khoury!
  • From 2010 to 2017, The Griffith Family Foundation/Sideline Cancer has donated $260,000 to the research efforts of Dr. A. James Moser.
  • 2018’s dinner is scheduled for Friday, August 17th. Mark your calendars!

Tee Off For A Cure to Sideline Pancreatic Cancer

  • At the 2017 Tee Off For A Cure Golf Tournament, we raised a net profit of $26,061.19!
  • Thanks again to Scotch Valley for the amazing experience.
  • A special “Thank You” to Shawn and Kim McCarl, and the employees of S.P. McCarl and Company, Inc., and McCarl’s Preferred Services.

Fund a Cure to Sideline Pancreatic Cancer Night at The Altoona Curve Stadium

  • This year, we raised a net profit of $3200!
  • Thanks again to The Good Funeral Home, Alto-Reste Park, and the Altoona Curve for their continued support.

Thank You, TBT Sideline Cancer Fans!

  • For the 4th consecutive year, Sideline Cancer participated in The Basketball Tournament (TBT), which aired on ESPN!
  • Sideline Cancer TBT Basketball Team won 100-87 in the first round against the 5th seed Pitt’s Zoo Crew led by Lavance Fields.
  • In the second round, Sideline Cancer fell 82-75 to the 4th seed Team FOE, coached by the NBA’s Morris Brothers.

  • We also took part in an inaugural fundraising event – the Dubois Dream 2 Sideline Cancer Tournament.
  • Sideline Cancer General Manager Billy Clapper looks forward to our team playing in the TBT again this summer!

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness!

  • Our Sideline Pancreatic Cancer Youth Initiative was trademarked in 2013 and is the only student-led campaign in the world that engages students to use their entrepreneurial and philanthropic ideas to change the outcome of Pancreatic Cancer!

  • We had the great opportunity to meet with Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto on World Pancreatic Cancer Day this year.

  • Several Sideline Cancer interns and volunteers headed to DC for the Digestive Disease National Coalition (DDNC) event.

Sideline Cancer School Spirit!

  • A special thank you to Chrissey Wagner, owner of JEMS Funky Consignments, for allowing us to sell our Sideline Cancer T-Shirts in her store year round!

Fly High Kiera Chirdon in God’s Everlasting Light and Love!

  • At this year’s Sideline PC Dinner, we presented our first annual “Kiera Courage Award.” Kiera’s courage and Jack Andraka’s ingenuity were the inspiration behind the creation of our Sideline Cancer Campaign!

  • Although we mourn Kiera’s recent passing, her legacy of love lives on through our Sideline Cancer Campaign!

Going in 2018…

  • Stay tuned for our upcoming yearly events.
  • Look for more news on our process of creating a Sideline Cancer Chapter at Penn State.
  • If you can’t make it to any of our upcoming events, you can still support the efforts of the Griffith Family Foundation and Sideline Cancer by purchasing a T-shirt or making a donation online.

To the people working hard behind the scenes…

  • Many thanks to all the members of our board:

  • Catherine R. Griffith, President
  • John L. McIntyre, Vice President
  • Cindy Kanski, Board Secretary
  • Bruce Erb, Board Treasurer

  • Dr. Lance DeFrancisco
  • Stephen C. Gildea
  • JT Tidd
  • Jordan Griffith
  • Jack E. Collins
  • Dr. Kevin Yeskey
  • Nancy Fulchiero

  • A special thank you to our GFF Office Administrator, Tammie Fleck, and our Sideline Cancer Interns: Caitlyn Edgell, Sierra Cobler, Marissa Lombardi, and Morgan Jennings.

We’re looking forward to an even brighter 2018!


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