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August 12, 2016

Swing for the fences in the fight to Sideline Pancreatic Cancer

The Greg & Cathy Griffith Family Foundation is teaming up with families from The Good Funeral Home, Alto-Reste Park, and the Altoona Curve Saturday, August 27th at 6:00 PM for “Fund a Cure to Sideline Pancreatic Cancer” Night!


July 13, 2016

Josie and Grace Vera Zetz Will Speak at Our Annual Dinner

The Griffith Family Foundation’s 7th Annual Sideline Pancreatic Cancer Dinner will be featuring two very special guest speakers. On Friday, July 29th, we will hear from Grace Vera Zetz (pictured on the right) and her daughter Josie (in the picture below).


July 11, 2016

Erin Willett to perform at Sideline Cancer Dinner

Singer-songwriter, Erin Willett, will be attending our 7th Annual Sideline Pancreatic Cancer Dinner and will perform her hit song ‘Out of The Darkness’ as well as our Sideline Cancer theme song: Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believing’.”


July 10, 2016

Sideline Cancer Is Getting Love from Amazing Advocates

During this years Pancreatic Cancer Action Network’s Advocacy Days, Sideline Cancer received some very public attention from two prominent pancreatic cancer advocates. Pamela Acosta Marquardt (left) and Grace Zetz (right) took a moment in their busy schedules to pose in front of our Nation’s Capital with a Sideline Cancer T-shirt to show their support for Sideline Cancer.


July 1, 2016

The number of Sideline Cancer Ambassadors has doubled

Several years ago, Jack Andraka became Sideline Cancer’s first official Ambassador. Jack is a 19-year-old Stanford student, who, at only 15, invented an inexpensive sensor that can be used as an early detection device for pancreatic and other cancers.


May 9, 2016

Discover how a click can help lead “Sideline Cancer” to $2M

For the third summer in a row, the Sideline Cancer team is campaigning to play in The Basketball Tournament, or TBT, which is an open-application, 5-on-5 single-elimination, winner take-all basketball tournament.


February 2, 2016

Sideline Cancer is Reaching Out

From now until February 6th, “Sideline Cancer” t-shirts will be sold at the Adler Gym at the Penn State Altoona Campus. And we’d like to say, “Thank you” to the PSU/Altoona Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams for assisting us in the cause to Sideline Pancreatic Cancer.


December 21, 2015

The Griffith Family Foundation’s Sideline Cancer 2015 Highlights!

The Griffith Family Foundation and board would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year!

Most importantly, we would like to thank everyone who has continued to support our efforts. From 2010 through 2015, our Griffith Family Foundation has awarded more than $200,000 for the research efforts of Dr. A. James Moser of BIDMC/Harvard Medical School. It has been through your generous donations that we have been funding novel clinical trials for patients suffering from pancreatic cancer.


September 26, 2015


Griff 3We had a great time with ALL of our awesome volunteers and friends who worked hard to bag 1500 (!) Sideline Pancreatic Cancer  T-shirts! CONTINUE READING

September 12, 2015

Sideline Cancer Trailer Video

This video shows the many things the Griffith Family Foundation is involved in. These events and activities help us to create awareness and fund a cure for Pancreatic Cancer.