Griffith Family Foundation Impact Report

The Greg and Cathy Griffith Family Foundation / Sideline Cancer® Impact Report

Committed to Taking Pancreatic Cancer Off the Sideline and to the Finish Line for a Cure

Sideline Cancer TBT Basketball Team 2020 Advanced to the FINALS and was on ESPN July 5, 7, 11, 12, and 14, with a viewership on TV of 1M+ people


#ICAN Sponsored Times Square Screen for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness, Summer 2019 #BelieveAlways

Sideline Cancer Ambassadors & Interns



  • To FUND a cure for pancreatic cancer
  • To offer HOPE for those in need
  • To CONNECT patients, doctors, and communities
  • To raise AWARENESS of the necessity for a new direction of innovative research and treatment plans


  • To continue the VISION inspired by Greg Griffith
  • To rise and “put on our pants” each day and take up the battle
  • To give back more in time, effort and funding that we take
  • To see a day when our children and grandchildren no longer need to fear a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer
  • We CAN achieve what we BELIEVE!

Our mission and vision aligns with connecting patients, families and communities by taking pancreatic cancer off the sideline and to the finish line for a cure. The most shining example of this spirit are Kay Kays, Rick Jones, Christina Parish and Garry Grethel.

Kay Kays, a 25-year pancreatic cancer survivor is the guiding force behind all that the GFF has done and strives to do. She is one of the world’s longest living pancreatic cancer patients. She started to fight the disease in 1994, and after countless surgeries and with a lot of hope, she is not only a survivor but an advocate as well. One day after Greg’s diagnosis on February 5, 2010, the Griffith Family received a call from Kay that inspired and helped Greg in ways that cannot be described. Greg was given two weeks to live, but with the inspiration of Kay, he lived another two years. Kay inspired Cathy as well, leading Cathy to become a National Pancreatic advocate herself.

Rick Jones, an accountant and loving husband and father went to the doctor for a normal checkup, only to find out that he was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroendocrine Pancreatic Cancer. Living in Central PA, Rick had previously heard of the advocacy and awareness efforts of the GFF. His life was SAVED by The Griffith Family Foundation and their connections. Cathy connected Rick with Dr. A. James Moser, the Executive Director of BIDMC’s Institute for Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery. Dr. Moser did what no doctor said they could and was able to perform a surgery that saved Rick’s life and gave him HOPE for a prosperous future.

Read more about Rick’s story ->

Christina Parish, was another inspiration of the GFF. Cathy acted as a reference and was able to help her receive social security disability. She lived 12 years after her diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer.

Cathy Griffith and Alex Hazard (TV Personality and family Friend) were able to collaborate and help an employee of Cazenovia College, Garry Grethel, retain his salary and provide tuition waivers for his two daughters who attended the school. Cathy spoke to the President of the college to advocate for Garry and his Pancreatic Cancer diagnosis. Garry retained his salary and the two daughters’ tuitions were paid in full.

The Griffith Family impacts our local community, state, country, and world by connecting patients, families, and communities to Sideline Pancreatic Cancer.

Kay Kays
International Pancreatic Cancer Survivor and Advocate

 Rick Jones
Pancreatic Cancer Survivor

Christina Parish
12-year Pancreatic Cancer Survivor

 Garry Grethel
Grethel Family


Sideline Cancer is one of the original TBT teams from 2014.

TBT Archives:


Community Outreach



  • Sideline Cancer TBT Basketball Team 2020 Advanced to the FINALS and was on ESPN July 5, 7, 11, 12, and 14, with a viewership on TV of 1M+ people




Media Archive

Locker room talk for TBT Sideline Cancer Team with over 11,000 views!

TBT Tournament Director, Dan Friel

In loving memory of Jermaine Marshall, Sideline Cancer TBT Team Captain

Former NBA player: Daniel Santiago

Billy Clapper and John Boyer with the inaugural Sideline Cancer TBT 2014

TBT Tournament Director, Dan Friel

In loving memory of Jermaine Marshall, Sideline Cancer TBT Team Captain

Herald Standard
2014 – TBT Feature

City of Basketball Love
Jul 12, 2017 – TBT SC highlighted

Sports Illustrated
Jun 30, 2014 – TBT Bracket with SC

Sideline Cancer TBT Influence and Impact

2017 Dubois Dream Collaborative event with Sideline Cancer

Sideline Cancer Basketball Fans, Clubs, and Organizations

Purple Fever Hoops is a highly competitive basketball organization that was established in 2019 as a 501(c)3 non-profit. This basketball organization serves girls and boys in the West-Central area of Pennsylvania. In 2021, they plan on becoming a member of the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU).

They are also teaching our young men and women about the value of community service. Through their partnership with the Griffith Family Foundation/Sideline Cancer, the teams’ members will be given the opportunity to work on community service projects with the rest of the foundation’s members.

Greg’s former HAHS 1979 classmate Jeff Bower is the former GM of the Detroit Pistons, former GM and coach of the New Orleans Hornets, and is currently the Vice President of Basketball Operations of the Phoenix Suns

Tim Frank, Senior Vice President of Basketball Communications of the NBA

Jeff Bower: Former GM of the Detroit Pistons, Former GM and and Coach of the New Orleans Hornets and is currently the Vice President of Basketball Operations of the Phoenix Suns.

Daniel Santiago, former NBA and TBT player

Signed NBA Basketball for 2013 Auction

Leonte Caroo, former Miami Dolphin, and Luke Rhodes, Indianapolis Colt. Both are raising awareness for Pancreatic Cancer in the NFL.

Luke Rhodes donated his signed Indianapolis Colts Jersey to our Silent Auction in 2018.

Charlie Brenneman – Raising awareness for Pancreatic Cancer with this MMA fighter, Hollidaysburg native, and a lifelong learner

Michelle Duncan – 2 Time Olympic Track and Field Gold Medalist

Sideline Pancreatic Cancer Biking Gear! All the places she raised awareness for PC for GFF in 2019

2020 Race Schedule in Sideline Pancreatic Cancer Gear


Purple PowerRun 5k (Cancelled)


Boston MidnightRide Boston Marathon


Canyon Man 100

  • Kayak 19M Run 31M, Bike 50M
  • (self-supported)
  • Wellsboro, PA
  • Impact- 100Dirty Double Cross
  • 200M Bike Ride
  • (self-supported)
  • Mansfield, PA
  • Impact- 100+JuneRothrock Grit Gravel Grinder
  • 65M Bike Race
  • State College, PA
  • Impact-500+Keystone Off-Road Vista Ride and 55M mountain bike race weekend
  • Jersey Shore, PA
  • Impact- 300July/AugustNo races planned but lots of biking and run miles (mostly in the PA forests–gravel roads and trails)
    Impact-500+SeptemberKeystone Gravel
  • Bike Rice 80 miles
  • Jersey Shore, PA
  • (Will have to cancel due to Boston Marathon Ride and Marathon date change).Boston Midnight Ride (Ride the Marathon Course at Midnight) AND Boston Marathon Run 26.2M Boston, MA – Impact-20-30,000+

Rothrock Trail Fest-tentative due to being only 5 days after Boston Marathon

Quick and the Dead Gravel Race (tentative now)

  • 50 or 68M Bike Race
  • Confluence, PA
  • Impact-150
  • 321 Bike-tbd
  • 80 M Bike Ride on GAP Trail
  • (Ohiopyle to Pittsburgh)
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Impact-200+UnPaved Gravel Race
  • 90 M Bike Race
  • Lewisburg, PA
  • Impact-500Iron Cross
  • All roads bike race
  • 62M
  • South Williamsport, PA
  • Impact-300+


  • Nittany Valley Half Marathon Running Race State College, PA Impact-4-500
  • Public Lands Ride Gravel Bike Ride 60+ Miles Black Moshanon State Park Impact-2000+
  • Dirty Dozen 55M Bike Race
  • Pittsburgh, PA Impact-400

*Special note: when not racing or participating in formal events, most riding will be done wearing SPC gear*


Tammie Fleck, GFF Administrative Office Assistant from 2013-2018, was instrumental in creating a plan of action for Sideline Cancer.

Inspiring the next generation: Dr. Moser’s daughter, Anne, committed to take Pancreatic Cancer off the Sideline and to the Finish line for a cure

2010 Dinner Silent Auction – Steph Curry signs all of his sneakers with Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

PC Survivor Rick Jones’s Daughter Signing National Anthem at our Altoona Curve Night

The Fulchiero Family on WPCD 2018 at BIDMC Harvard Medical School

Check Presentation to Dr. Moser BIDMC Harvard Medical School


Dine to Donate

16000+ T-Shirts Sold from 2012 – Today

Proceeds go to fund research, awareness, and advocacy to take pancreatic cancer off the sideline and to the finish line for a cure!

Sideline Cancer Bake Sale in New Hampshire

Over 4000 bracelets distributed since 2010


Awareness photo for World Pancreatic Cancer Day

World Pancreatic Cancer Day, November 17, 2016 at BIDMC Harvard Medical School

Cathy and GFF Board Nancy Fulchiero attended WPCD 2017 at BIDMC Harvard Medical School

US Flag hung at our Nation’s Capital on World Pancreatic Cancer Day 2018

WPCD at Fenway Park November 2018

Sideline Cancer interns Marissa Lombardi and Joel Redfoot with Dr. A. James Moser and his wife, Dr. Suzanne Hartman.

WPCD with Pancreatic Cancer advocate Kay Kays

Raising awareness in memory of Kim Henshey on WPCD 2019

Sideline Cancer represented by the University of Pittsburgh and the Champalimaud Foundation in Lisbon, Portugal on World Pancreatic Cancer Day 2018

2013 Pancreatic Cancer Symposium with Jack Andraka

PSU Altoona Symposium 2013 and 2014

GFF board members at the April 5, 2019 Symposium

Attendees of the April 5, 2019 Symposium

Panelists from the April 5, 2019 Symposium at PSU Altoona

Billboard in Times Square in July 2019
– Our ad played for 10 seconds every 10 minutes, 24 hours a day for 6 weeks
– An estimated 1 MILLION people a day viewed the billboard


  • Cathy had the opportunity to co-host Central PA Live in April 2019
  • GFF has had over 40 TV appearances since 2011

Public Access Show
Public Access Show 2012 – 2017 – every month (60 episodes)

Cathy Griffith hosted the Greg and Cathy Griffith Family Foundation TV show to raise awareness for Pancreatic Cancer in Central PA from 2012-2017 with 60 episodes and over 75 guests.


WTAJ-TV Back Street Driver for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness


WATM ABC 23 newscast with Jordan Griffith about The Basketball Tournament 2019

WATM ABC 23 interview with Pancreatic Cancer survivor Mrs. Pat Smith of Hollidaysburg, PA

WATM ABC 23 newscast about The Basketball Tournament 2019


Cathy Griffith raising awareness on the evening news for PC on WPCD 11/16/2017

Greg Griffith giving his last interview at the July 2011 dinner about what it is like living with stage IV Pancreatic Cancer and the importance of connecting patients, families, and communities through advocacy, awareness, and research.

Bigger than Basketball: local basketball teams raise money to ‘Sideline Cancer'(Thursday, January 6th 2022)

Cathy co-hosted the show in April 2012

Forever Media

Winner of the 2021 Forever Media Give Local Campaign
25 morning circuit appearances
New Years Believe
PSA with Bill Curtis

Jordan Griffith did radio broadcast interviews about the Sideline Cancer TBT Basketball Team

Cathy did a Podcast with KC O’Day on Big 1290 Radio News Talk Radio about Pancreatic Cancer

Curve Night Ads

Featured in photo are Geoff Behrens and Diane Zink from Fund a Cure Night at the Altoona Curve to Sideline PC

Approximately $18,000 raised since 2011

Sounds Good/Lightner Communications
Steve Willet

Jordan Griffith did radio broadcast interviews about the Sideline Cancer TBT Basketball Team

Cathy did a Podcast with KC O’Day on Big 1290 Radio News Talk Radio about Pancreatic Cancer

Student Radio Broadcasts
Oct 6 2015 – Sam Sky, HASD student, raising awareness for Pancreatic Cancer on the internet

June 2019 – Joy in the City with Troy Ferguson

Feb 2020 – Juniata Valley High School

2019 – Project Purple with Rick Jones

Altoona Mirror Features

GFF was the recipient of FNB Dress Down Day

Lisa Georgiana at BGHS presented “Live Your Best Life” lecture about Sideline Cancer

Claysburg Gazette
October 22 2013 Article about Sideline Cancer

Blair Living
August 2019: Marissa named part of the “40 Under 40,” and her article highlighted Sideline Cancer.

Fortune Magazine
April 22nd 2016 – Dr. Moser on AI

Men’s Health
October 25, 2011: Taking Up the Banner Against Cancer

Hometown Magazine
Articles and interviews Greg 2010 – 2011

“The Word” – September 2011

BG Alumni Magazine (Purple and Gold) – (13,000 Distribution)
Spring 2017 – SC highlighted on Cover

IVY Leaf – PSUA Magazine

Joel Redfoot, PSU Altoona recipient of the Good Works Team Award, was given the opportunity to go to the NCAA Final Four in Spring 2015. Joel represented Sideline Cancer at center court to a TV viewership of 1 million.

The Crossroad
2010 – Article

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center’s (BIDMC) Yearly Magazine
Mention in 4 articles

Inside Surgery (BIDMC)
2017 Spring/Summer – GFF picture and mention

BIDMC Cancer Research Guide
GFF Listed

For Your Information (BIDMC)
June 2017 – Article

Boston Globe
April 7, 2015 – Research Initiative

Photo albums by LeAnn Stefan Photography from 2019 PSU Altoona Symposium with Jack Andraka, Times Square NYC 2019, TBT 2019 on ESPN, and GFF’s tenth annual dinner with special guest speaker Tom Whitehead of the Emily Whitehead Foundation. These albums are proudly displayed in the GFF office.

Photo books created by GFF Marketing Consultant Chris Kanski to help us promote our fundraising events.

Photo of Sideline Cancer Program ad for AASD Boys and Girls Basketball

2010 – 2016 – Lamar Advertising digital screen (Lakemont)
2014 – Symposium – Stories of Hope (Donated by Dan Peters)
2016 – Promoting Curve Night

GFF Open House November 15, 2013

Billboard for PSU Altoona Pancreatic Cancer Symposium on April 4, 2014

Griff’s Run and Gun for a Cure digital billboard

2018: Guest Speaker at the Entrepreneur in Residence Program at PSU Altoona’s Sheetz Center
2018: Guest Speaker at Blair Chamber’s Young Entrepreneur Academy
2018: Participant in the CEO Round Table Discussion for Blair Chamber’s Young Entrepreneur Academy

Chamber of Commerce Servant Award to Booker Moore for the Griffith Family Foundation 2012


Jack Andraka: “Be the change our world needs. Imagine what YOU CAN DO

June 27, 2017: Jack Andraka tells 100 members of the National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists about Sideline Cancer

Jack Andraka and Sierra Lombardi, President of Sideline Cancer at Hollidaysburg High School

Jack won the 2012 Smithsonian American Ingenuity Award for Youth Achievement

  • Sideline Cancer Events at Saint Francis University, Penn State University, Penn State Altoona, and Juniata College

Sideline Cancer at Juniata College Student Club

SFU First Chapter for Sideline Cancer in 2014

Sideline Cancer at Penn State

  • Purple Power Run 2019
  • Reported on by the Altoona Mirror, local TV stations, PSU Newswire, and the Daily Collegian

Sideline Cancer at Penn State Purple Power Run 2019

Sideline Cancer at Penn State being interviewed by the Collegian online

Purple Power Run group photo PSU HUB

  • SFU
    • Sideline Cancer logo on screen at all basketball games
    • Feb 2019 – Pep Talk with Flash Women B-Ball team at SFU

PSU Men’s Basketball Coach Pat Chambers

  • Spirit Days at local High Schools


Approximately 50 non-paid interns have volunteered their time since 2010

Example of our Website Statistics Page Views for March 2020

Total Page Views for January: 1,636

Total Page Views for February: 1,869

Total Page Views for March: 1,297

  • Sideline Cancer: 51 views
  • The Foundation: 44 views
  • News: 39 views
  • Contact Us: 36 views
  • Upcoming Events: 33 views
  • #ICAN-TeeOff for a Cure Registration: 29 views
  • Sideline Cancer/TBT Sideline Cancer: 26 views
  • Photos-Videos: 24 views
  • #ICAN Sideline Pancreatic Cancer Symposium Forum 2019: 23 views
  • 2020 #ICAN Sideline Pancreatic Cancer Dinner: 20 views
  • Griffiths Story: 19 views
  • Purple Power Run: 19 views
  • Fund-a-Cure: 17 views

  • #ICAN Sideline Pancreatic Cancer Youth Forum: 16 views
  • History of the Griffith Family Foundation: 15 views
  • 2019 ICAN Sideline Pancreatic Cancer Symposium Video and Photos:13 views
  • 2019 Sideline Cancer Golf Tournament Video and Photos: 13 views
  • Tag on Greg Griffith: 13 views
  • Cathy Griffith Bio: 11 views
  • Love Conquers All: 11 views
  • PA Business Central Article: 11 views
  • Purple Power Run 2019: 11 views
  • Events/10th Annual Sideline Pancreatic Cancer Dinner: 10 views
  • News Page 2: 10 views





January 2020 Social Media Statistics

  • Facebook: The number of people who had your Page’s post enter their screen. Posts include statuses, photos, links, videos): 1,393
  • Twitter: Number of Total Impressions: 6,826 o Instagram: N/A
  • YouTube: Number of Impressions: 366

February 2020 Social Media Statistics

  • Facebook: (The number of people who has liked your Page’s posts including statuses, photos, links, videos): 1,478
  • Twitter: Number of Total Impressions: 3,344
  • Instagram: Total Posts: 211
  • YouTube: Number of Impressions: 196

March 2020 Social Media Statistics

  • Facebook: (The number of people who has liked your Page’s posts including statuses, photos, links, videos): 1,478
  • Twitter: Number of Total Impressions: 2,842 o Instagram: 214 Posts
  • YouTube: Number of Impressions: 96

LINK to Main Channel to access all videos from GFF:

LINK to most important Sideline Cancer Video with 27,000 Views

Our Sideline Cancer History Video received over 5000 views

 Total of 36 Awareness Videos!

Launched April 2018 (Sponsored Ad on wheels)

Participation in Winter and October parades in Hollidaysburg

Nominated every year for the past three years

Sideline Cancer intern Sierra Cobler presented at the Poconos, PA in May 2018 with our amazing awareness poster boards created by GFF Marketing Consultant Chris Kanski.

nominated every year for the past 3 years

Exercise Oncology in Pancreatic Cancer: Introduction – Jared Heitzenrater – National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation

Since founding, several obituaries have said that in lieu of flowers to please make a
memorial contribution to GFF
● Over 25 people have donated to the GFF in memory of their loved one

May 2012

Cathy Griffith travels to the Translational Genomics Research Institute in Phoenix, Arizona to meet international Pancreatic Cancer advocate and survivor Kay Kays.

March 2013

Cathy Griffith attended The Digestive Disease National Coalition in Washington DC to represent The Greg and Cathy Griffith Family Foundation

June 2013

Cathy Griffith travels to the American Society of Cancer Oncology in Chicago, Illinois as a Pancreatic Cancer advocate.

December 2013

Cathy Griffith travels to Atlanta, Georgia as an Advocate Scholar with the American Association of Cancer Researchers and meets with Chief Medical Officer of the American Cancer Society to discuss the Sideline Cancer youth initiative.

March 2014

Cathy Griffith attends the annual Digestive Disease National Coalition (DDNC) and was a speaker with Dr. Moser.

July 2014

GFF sponsors its first team in The Basketball Tournament (TBT) to raise awareness for Pancreatic Cancer. GFF has sponsored a TBT team every year since 2014.

September 2014

Cathy Griffiths attends a symposium at the National Institute of Health and meets Jack Andraka’s mentor, Dr. Anirban Maitra.

March 2015

Cathy Griffith becomes Secretary of the DDNC.

July 2015

Cathy Griffith attends the inaugural North American Pancreatic Cancer Meeting in New York City.

May 2016

Cathy Griffith attends the inaugural World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition in Miami, Florida.

November 2016

Cathy Griffith and GFF Board Member Nancy Fulchiero attend World Pancreatic Cancer Day at Harvard Medical School and present a donation to Dr. Moser of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

March 2017

Cathy Griffith becomes Vice Chair of the DDNC, a position she holds thru 2020. Sideline Cancer intern and Outreach Liaison Marissa Lombari attends her first DDNC meeting and will continue to represent Sideline Cancer in 2018 and 2019. Founding member of Sideline Cancer Bonnie Waltz and Sideline Cancer interns also attend DDNC and lobby congressional offices for an early detection test for Pancreatic Cancer.

November 2018

GFF Sideline Cancer Interns Marissa Lombardi and Joel Redfoot attended World Pancreatic Cancer Day in Boston with Dr. Moser at Fenway Park.

November 2018

The Fulchiero Family Traveled to Boston to make a check presentation to Dr. Moser BIDMC


Marissa Lombardi accepts a job at the International Foundation of Gastrointestinal Disease Disorders and continues to represent GFF at ASCO, AACR, and WPCC meetings.

March 2020

Sideline Cancer at Hollidaysburg President Sierra Lombardi and her mother, Angela Lombardi, represent the GFF at the DDNC.

Approximately 300 meetings with sponsors, donors, students, and board members since 2013

Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting ceremony at our office on November 15, 2013


Dr. Niven Narain is President and CEO of Berg Pharma and is collaborating with Dr. Moser on his research project called “Project Survival.

Greg Griffith’s amazing doctor during his heroic battle with Pancreatic Cancer.

Moser serves as Executive Director of BIDMC’s Institute for Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, providing leadership, strategic vision and integration of programs in general surgery, surgical oncology and transplant surgery that are focused on the surgical treatment of benign and malignant pancreatic, hepatic and biliary diseases. He also serves as a Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School.

Article about Dr. Mosers collaborative Project Survival

  • This Harvard article mentions the GFF. Dr. Moser feels that the more we connect him to researchers, like PSU’s Dr. Adair, the better chance we have to find a cure for Pancreatic Cancer.

Early Detection of Pancreatic Cancer Takes Center Stage

  • Since 2010, GFF has donated over $295,000 to the research efforts of Dr. Moser.

BIDMC Research Efforts

The GFF would like to thank our family, friends and community. YOUR continued love and support will lead our world to a cure for Pancreatic Cancer!

#ICANattitude and #BelieveAlwaysSpirit

  • A member organization since 2013
  • Cathy served as Secretary of DDNC from 2015-2017 and has served as Vice Chair since 2018.
  • Students attend every year to represent Pancreatic Cancer in Washington
  • Since 2015, GFF has sent at least 10 student representatives to DDNC in Washington, D.C. While at the conference, GFF representatives also advocated for Pancreatic Cancer awareness on Capitol Hill.

March 4, 2019: GFF Outreach Liaison Marissa Lombardi presented the Distinguished Public Service Award to Senator Tammy Baldwin.

Raising awareness at Senator Bob Casey’s office at the Capitol

Dr. James A. Moser

Dr. Simon Robinson

Dr. Steven Freedman

All three gentlemen are from Harvard Medical School, and all three spoke at the DDNC Conference in March of 2015.

Cathy was a speaker at the DDNC Public Policy Forum in March 2015

Inaugural WPCC meeting in Florida in May 2016

Email sent to World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition about our Sideline Cancer TBT Team 2019

Cathy Presented the #ICAN Sideline Pancreatic Cancer PowerPoint at the inaugural WPCC meeting in Miami, Florida in May 2016

Marissa Lombardi attended on behalf of GFF

Cathy Griffith is a certified AACR patient advocate for PC

In photo is the founder of ASCO Research Advocacy Network Elda Railey

September 10, 2014
Cathy attended a Pancreatic Cancer symposium at the National Institute of Health and met Dr. Anirban Maitra of MD Anderson, Texas

Cathy and Dr. Maitra at NIH

Dr. Anirban Maitra
Professor of Pathology and Translational Molecular Pathology, Division of Pathology/Lab Medicine, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX

GFF/Sideline Cancer added to Christmas Tree promotion

Dr. Otis Brawley, Chief Medical Officer of the American Cancer Society, in Atlanta, Georgia in 2014

November 16, 2017: Meeting with Pittsburgh’s Mayor Peduto

Pictured in photo is GFF Sideline Cancer Intern Joel Redfoot and Ernest Rajakone, a Policy Analyst within the Office of Equity, where he focuses on government affairs and legislation.

Dr. Janet Woodcock
Dr. Woodcock, formerly of Hollidaysburg, PA, is the director of the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). CDER makes sure that safe and effective drugs are available to improve the health of people in the United States. In July 2015, Dr. Woodcock did a video address at the annual Griff’s Sideline Pancreatic Cancer Dinner.

Dr. Debra Yeskey
Dr. Yeskey, former Director of Regulatory and Qualify Affairs Division for the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is a long-time advisor and friend of Cathy Griffith and the Foundation. Dr. Yeskey currently serves as the Head of Regulatory Affairs – North America at the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations.

From Left to Right: Susan Robinson, Dawn Pellas, Erin McCloskey, founding member of United We Can Dr. Debra Yeskey, United We Can Founder Sue Griep, PSU Men’s Basketball Coach Pat Chambers, founding member of United We Can Cathy Griffith, Jolene Kopriva, Chrsitine Koren, Marissa Lombardi, Rozzie Sky

April 18, 2018: Cathy Griffith named a recipient of the Wise Women of Blair County award. Cathy used her speech to highlight Sideline Cancer.

Collaborating together to Sideline Cancer with a #BelieveAlwaysSpirit and #ICANattitude

2012 Intel Science and Engineer Fair Winner Jack Andraka with the Sky Family

Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Fulchiero, founding member of GFF Booker Moore, and founder of J’s Run Jennifer LoConte

Travelled to Pittsburgh, PA; Mannheim, PA; Atlantic City, NJ; Ocean City MD, Louisville KY; Washington D.C. and will raise awareness for Pancreatic Cancer in their Sideline Cancer basketball uniforms

Highlighted Sideline Cancer in the 3rd annual benefit fashion show in June 2018 at the Convention Center

The class used GFF’s website to reach out to the Foundation about advertising techniques.

Greg Griffith named a Paul Harris Fellow in 2011.

Recipients of Hollidaysburg Rotary’s Community Service Funds

  • Proceeds from November 2018 game helped a BG student with leukemia
  • Lisa Georgiana participated in BGHS’s “Live Your Best Life” lecture

Cathy sent Sideline Cancer t-shirts to Alex Trebek and received an email back from him.

  • Kerry Irvine, Pancreatic Cancer advocate, frequently mentions Sideline Cancer in her home country Ireland, expanding the global impact of Sideline Cancer
  • Julie Weiss, A.K.A. The Marathon Goddess, ran 52 marathons in 52 weeks for Pancreatic Cancer awareness and promoted Sideline Cancer in California

Julie Weiss, Kerry Irvine, and Jack Andraka attended the GFF Dinner in 2014.

Brian Morden Foundation

Smiles for Miles Foundation

Bob Perks Cancer Assistance Fund

The Fulchiero Family

Easter for Eli


Cathy was named the 2016 recipient of the WTAJ TV Jefferson Award.

Additional Awards
• 2019 PA Business Central Women in Business 38 Women Making a Difference in 2019
• 2019 PA Business Central Top 20 Non-Profit Female Leader
• PA Business Central 23 Health Care Heroes 2019
• 2018 PA Business Central 50 to Follow Women in Business
• 2018 PA Business Central Top 100 People for The Griffith Family Foundation’s “I Can Sideline Cancer Youth Initiative”

We Are Central PA Live host Alex Hazard and videographer Kevin Accettulla won the PAB award for their newscast “Love Conquers All Story,” about the Greg and Cathy Griffith Family Foundation.